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Happy Birthday Gaffa!

28 March
Happy Birthday Bakes 2017 - King Whamo and King Havit together at Lords to celebrate their boss, Paul Baker's birthday

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GAFFA! With lots of love from: Ehsanul Imran, Runako Penford, Andres Keane, Ryan Scott-reed, Rory Chukwu, Conor Phindile, Pedro Lopez, Steven Daesrath Sam Attard, Johny Leenheer, Roy Monkhouse, Thomas Barry Gregg Raphael, Duke Todd, Daren Duck, Grady Hooper, Tamim Ali, Bobby Heather, Trent Muirhead, Jamie Dyke Jarvis Fredericks, Wayne Silk, George Grewcock, Jamshed […]

Havit Season 32 Awards

15 July

An epic season as last years disappointment is now a distant memory! A triple promotion ensuring that Havit will once again be competing at their previous highest levels. FC Bat 1.Jenny-1216 / 2.Roger Scott-reed-757 Bowl 1.Hezekiah-46 / 2.Palmer-37 OD Bat 1.Roger Scott-reed-1311 / 2.Leenheer-908 Bowl 1.Vuppula-23 / 2.Hezekiah-22 BT20 Bat 1. Roger Scott-reed-531 / 2.Leenheer-525 […]

King Gips Bowl

29 December

King Havit will host the inaugural King Gips Bowl, this week. 4 of battos finest teams will come together for the first time after it was agreed that the wham-gip and wegi-havit festivals would merge this season. Host captain Peter Lindwe has voiced his excitement at hosting what promises to be a memorable occasion. “This […]

Havit Season 26 Awards

17 September

Double Promotion for Havit in an exceptional season as the club go from strength to strength. Can they cope with increased expectations this season? Everyone is working hard behind the scenes to make that a reality. FC Bat 1.Nicholas-968 / 2.Scott-reed-954 Bowl 1.Vuppula-43 / 2.Soysa-37 OD Bat 1.Nicholas-1196 / 2.Scott-reed-801 Bowl 1.Breen-31 / 2.Vuppula-23 BT20 […]