About the King Gips Bowl

Originally known as the WhamGip Festival, the Bowl began in the off season between Battrick seasons 18 and 19, when Battrick introduced the ability to schedule matches in all formats. The original idea of the festival was that the Gloucester Gipsies and King Whamo would play each other in all 3 formats of the game over a week long festival period between seasons.

In the off season between seasons 21 and 22 the franchise teams of King Havit and Wecester Gipsies (Wegi) joined the festival playing their own games against one another and naming their side of the celebrations ‘HavWeg’.

In season 24 The WhamGip Mid-Season OD contest began.

In the 10th anniversary meeting the festival altered its format completely. By this time Havit and Wegi were at a standard to start competing with the big dogs and so Big Barry Hearn was invited along to revolutionise the running. Thus the four teams merged their two festivals in to one where they would all play off across all formats for one prize, the re-branded King Gips Bowl.

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