The Festival starts with 3 days of BT20 round robin competition. Next come 3 days of OD fixtures, again in round robin format. Finally 3 days of intense FC competition in a single play-off match between the top two from the round robins decide the King Gips Bowl trophy.

The teams that finish 3rd & 4th have no play off (abolished after KGB XVII) so the wooden spoon is ‘awarded’ to the team finishing bottom of the round robin stages.


Fixtures were drawn for the first King Gips Bowl (WhamGip X) based on World Ranking. For every festival thereon order are determined by finishing position in the previous Bowl.

4v1, 3v2 (Tues wk 16)
1v3, 4v2 (Weds wk 16)
2v1, 3v4 (Thurs wk 16)

1v2, 4v3 (Sat wk 1)
3v1, 2v4 (Sun wk 1)
1v4, 2v3 (Mon wk 1)

Top of group v 2nd (Weds-Fri wk1)


Points will be awarded on the following basis:
BT20: Win – 2 Points / Tie – 1 Point / Loss – 0 Points.
OD: Win – 4 Points / Tie – 2 Points / Loss – 0 Points.
If points totals in the table at the end of each teams’ six matches are level then finishing positions will be determined firstly by wickets taken and then by runs scored. If still level position will be decided by a coin toss (via skype).

Team Selection

A team must keep the same 11 players, with the same batting & bowling orders for all matches of the same format. Managers are allowed to alter individual batting and bowling instructions on a game by game basis. i.e. the exact team fielded for BT20 match 3 must be the same as BT20 match 1 (using the same batting order). However, this can then be changed for the OD match 1, but the team chosen here must then remain for the other OD matches. A new line up can again be chosen for the FC Play offs.

If it comes to light that a team has fielded an ineligible team, they will forfeit the match and the win points will be awarded to the opposition regardless of the score in the match. However, if the match is against the manager’s own team then neither team will get any points. Any runs or wickets scored/taken in matches where this has happened will still be awarded and added to the record books.

The Pitch

The team hosting the tournament must choose the tournament pitch type at least 7 days prior to the start of the tournament. The pitch choice chosen must remain the same throughout all of the BT20 and OD matches. The FC matches, however, are always begun on a green pitch. If a match is played on the wrong pitch, the team responsible for preparing it wrong shall forfeit the match and the opposing team will get the points. If the match was against the manager’s own team then neither team will get any points.

The Final Toss

The team that finishes top of the group stage gets to take control of the toss for the FC Final. i.e. Whether they choose to bowl or bat first, the toss must be set by both team to bring this to fruition. The same goes for the team finishing third getting control of the toss in the Wooden Spoon play off.


For the first King Gips Bowl (Wham Gip Festival X) it was chosen by toin coss that Whamo would be the hosts. A coin was tossed to decide between either Whamo or Havit as the Gips alliance had hosted the final Wham Gip Festival (Wham Gip Festival IX). For the second King Gips Bowl (King Gips Bowl XI – The Champion of Champions) a toin coss determined that Gloucester Gipsies would be the chosen team from the Gips alliance to host the tournament. From then on in the hosts would go in a cyclical basis thus: Havit, Wegi, Whamo, Gips.


New Honours Boards and Leaderboards will be set up with contributions from previous festivals amalgamated. Leaderboards and honours boards prior to the start of the King Gips Bowl in the 10th festival can be found below:
WhamGip Festival Leaderboards
WhamGip Festival Honours
HaveWeg Festival Leaderboards
HaveWeg Festival Honours

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