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17 seasons in the making: 5 time Champions of the Woooooooooindies!

02 March

Who’d have thought it back in season 40 in 2017? There’d been murmurings of a young lad with a head far older than his years. In season 40 he was promoted from the academy. The club saw his potential and decided to build around him with the aim to one day reach the promised land of the West Indian top tier in FC, and then who knows, maybe challenge for a title one year. A 15 season plan was formulated. In 2018 Laggan was joined by 3 more academy graduates: Lisbie, Dangasela and Summerscales. Vadivel, Douglas and Gould were bought in the same year. The core 7 who would attempt to fulfil the plan were in place. They didn’t fulfil it though, they absolutely smashed it! Reached the promised land way before time and went on to win the title 5 times in a row. My heroes. Wegi complete Battrick.

5 Consecutive West Indian FC Championship Winners
5 Consecutive West Indian FC Championship Winners
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