Battrick is really a financial management simulator - the teams that manage their money better than their opponents can afford better players.


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Keggut's Battrick Helpfile

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About Battrick
In Battrick, you manage a team of cricketers against other human managers from all over the world.
You can log in anytime to check on your club, buy and sell players, watch matches, chat on the forums and much, much more. Your team plays in weekly One Day matches, and selected countries also have a First Class (3 day) league. Each season there is a Cup tournament to compete in, as well as a International T20 competition!

Battrick is free to play. Everything that you need to do to manage your side is on the Battrick website, and changes take effect from the moment you give the orders. The game has been designed so that you can spend as little or as much time managing your club as you wish, and all you need is a web browser.