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Welcome to the WAGGA

22 October

King Havit are proud to announce that the Stadium has been rebranded & expanded. Renamed the Whamo Affiliated George Grewcock Arena (WAGGA) after King Whamos legendary batsmen George Grewcock. In another tribute to the leading scorer in Whamo history, the capacity has been expanded to 31,218 the number of competetive runs Grewcock scored in his […]

End of THE era

14 October
Syed Burki bows out at WamGip Festival

We’re at the mid way point of the 6th annual Wham-Gip Festival and emotions are high. Today, for the last time ever, the legendary opening partnership of Syed Burki and Kris Evans walked out to bat together. The festival is interestingly poised. Whamo won yesterday’s BT20 opener and a victory today will seal a rare […]