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Welcome Home, Our Father

24 October

They sang it on the streets of the nation when Gary Lineker came home from Japan, now the ghettoblasters are on the shoulders once again in the streets of Gloucestershire as a hero returns.

Today marks the long awaited return to the club of the the father of the Gloucester Gipsies, Syed Burki.

Once a Pakistan U19 representative while at the club, Burki, now 32, has been away since September 2007 and after 1144 days away from the club we welcome back our hero with open arms:

Forever, a Gipsy he’ll remain. With over 20,000 competitive career runs, he’ll play a part in the FC first team for a season, reform the glorious opening partnership with Kris Evans in the OD team that spawned the club’s first trophies, and help to develop our youngsters.

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