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The Inaugural WhamGip Mid-Season Play-Off

09 December

Today marks the first of many mid-season spin offs of the WhamGip Series. Set up as a true marker of the teams for each season, the WhamGip mid-season play-off aims to pit the teams against one another on a more even surface i.e. Playing a One-Day match at the mid point Sunday of the season (or a little later if one or both teams reach the latter stages of the cup) to ensure the teams are at their strongest, and not going through transfers transitions as is often the case in the off season.

The Play-Off game is always played at the home of the team that last hosted the festival. In this case King Whamo are at home. The Gloucester Gipsies won the toss and elected to bowl. Result of the game to follow…

…and here’s what happened:

[excel_table fname=”09DEC2012″]

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