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New stadium, same results

06 September

Wegi this week moved in to their brand new home, The Camp Whaddon Hart Carranza.

After years of failed talks to try to expand Wecest Gips Lane it was decided that the club needed to instead build a new stadium over the road to be able to house their huge following having recently climbed in to the world top 50.

The brand new 72,000 capacity stadium was opened to the public on Tuesday for 4 days of OD & FC action and the team didn’t disappoint with two fantastic wins to keep the 100% start to the season going.

The OD game even sold out all 72,000 tickets posing questions as to whether they’d built it large enough. However, the good news is that there is potential for unlimited expansion at the new site.

The old Wecest Gips Lane ground will remain in situ for nets and community events.

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