Mushtaq Abbey

A cautious RH batsman and a cautious RF bowler. He had competent leadership skills and elite experience. He had no preference and no trait.

Mushtaq Abbey left Whamfield as the 2nd highest run scorer in the clubs history. Abbey was signed as a 17 year old hopeful on 24/08/2007 for a then club record fee of £615,000 and made his debut a week later, taking his first stumping, without getting the chance to bat. His first Innings came midway through season 8 vs East Dene Pioneers where coming in late he hit 18 off 12 balls to help Whamo secure victory.

Abbey went on to amass an incredible 30,698 competetive runs in his 16 season career including 109 centuries and a club record 148 half centuries. Added to that were 904 dismissals from behind the stumps and its easy to see how Abbey is a club legend.

Abbey remains the clubs leading run scorer in FC with 14,775 and BT20 with 5,617. His highest score was 257* in season 13, part of a 505 run unbroken partnership with Jason Wilberforce.
Nicknamed Chookers, the loveable Englishman was a fans favourite. He could often be heard chirping to the batsmen from behind the stumps and maybe had a hand in a few more wickets than he is creditted for.

He leaves the club in a much better position than he joined it and recouped a fee of £510,000 as he left Whamfield for a new challenge.
His coaching credentials have already been shown as he played a major role in the progression of his replacement behind the stumps Bindusar Favas. When he puts his bat & gloves to rest, a future career in coaching looks to be on the cards.

He may have been replaced successfully behind the stumps, but replacing his runs will be a much tougher task.

Mushtaq Abbey King Whamo Legend!

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