Kris Evans

A cautious LH batsman and a cautious LFM bowler. He had woeful leadership skills and elite experience. He had no preference and no trait.

Entered in to the Hall of Fame later than the other five founding members of the club on the request of the man himself for ‘personal reasons’, Kris Evans is no less a living legend than anyone who has set foot at this club. It is thought he wanted to be left out of the HoF until his elderly grandfather, the Reverend Christopher Evans had passed away. The now late Christopher Evans, although never begrudging of his grandson, is thought to have always wanted him to have represented a Warwickshire team, with the family hailing from Birmingham. So it seems that out of respect Kris preferred not to have his name in lights at the Gipsies until his grandfather had passed.

Could Evans have carved out a career so good anyone else though? It’s hard to think so as his stats speak for themselves. Bowing out alongside his opening partner and great mate, Syed Burki, at the annual WhamGip Festival at the end of season 23, Evans had made 9912 competitive runs for the Gipsies. 9206 of which where in OD cricket, where he and Burki where the outstanding batsmen in the early days when the Gipsies only played this format. He enters the hall of fame second in the Gipsies all time OD run scorer list (behind Burki) and 7th in the list including BT20 and FC. A quite incredible feat really considering 93% of his games played were in OD.

As with many of the early day players Evans left the club left at the end of season 7 after 6 very successful season and went on to play for two other clubs before returning in the middle of season 13 to help the Gipsies’ OD team become a development hot bed for young talent.

He retires as the Gipsy with the most 50s in competitive One Dayers – 43, while him and Burki still hold the record for the highest partnership in OD cricket, a whopping 390* with both players carrying their bat. Evans also holds the record for the best 2nd wicket partnership, 377* with Neil Sandford after Burki had fallen in the second over of the innings.

Stamina:worthlessWicket Keeping:worthless
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