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Leary Sacrifice has inspired us!

09 May

Ducky today lifted the lid on Whamos recent upturn in form. After defeats in the opening 2 FC & 3 OD games wham were being lined up for a double relegation. Fans were turning away; finances were at an all time low; the club had to take action.

That led to the sale of star batsmen Fitzroy Leary for £1.2m last Friday. In his final 2 innings, Leary managed 2 centuries to lead the side to 2 unlikely victories & Duck has claimed he’s inspired the team mates he left behind.

Duck said ‘Leary didn’t want to leave, thats no secret, but he went to help the club stay afloat. Some players would’ve been excused for not turning up for those final couple of games, but he came to fight for this club to the end. I think that’s given everyone around the club a huge lift & is a big part of our turnaround.

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