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King Gips Bowl XIII

11 December

Pre-tournament favourites Wegi were crowned champions as they hosted the bowl for the first time.

But it wasn’t without controversy: First the reports of a Whamo mole within the Wegi groundstaff trying to change the pitch types. He was said to have become part of the Wegi groundstaff, where he obtained a key to the ground. he is supposed to have then used it to break in to the stadium to add his own work in the middle of the night. Those reports remain unfounded but as they say, where there’s smoke…

Then there was the shocking start from the pre-tournament favourites that left them in a winner-goes-through semi-final-style final OD game v Havit. The momentum had seemed to be with the Kings, making it looks like we could have had a repeat of the previous season’s final. But Wegi found their feet in that game and then took that momentum in to the final where they ran out 8 wicket victors over Whamo with a day and 5 overs to spare.

Celebrations will no doubt go on long in to the night. This may be the first Wegi squad to ever reach the FC Premiership, the first game of which is in just 5 days time, but winning the King Gips Bowl is their greatest achievement to date.

Festival highlights

  • Fernandes became the first player to pass 2000 KGB runs, quickly followed and then passed by Hooper!
  • Hoefakker’s 21 wickets equals Duck’s record for a single festivals wickets. In the process he jumped from 8th to 3rd in the all time rankings. He may only ever get one place higher though as Ducky looks to have an unassailable lead there. If he stays a Whammer for the remainder of his career as is expected then his record may never be broken, or at least not for a very long time…
  • Roger Scott-reed became the first player to score 5 centuries in a single festival. Roger that! The debutant was just 10 runs from being only the 2nd player to amass 700 runs in a single festival.
  • There were 16 new engravings on the honours board.
  • With just 4831 runs scored it was the lowest scoring King Gips Bowl by over 1000 runs.
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