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Happy Birthday Alvin!

16 August

What a day of celebration yesterday. Probably the greatest ever* Gipsies player, Alvin Zibi, turned 40. With it being a rest day in the King Gips Bowl he had a big bash in a Marquee at King Havit’s WAGGA ground in exceptional Jamaican sunshine.

The food was exquisite, the music sensational, the speeches phenomenal and the main man had a wonderful time.

40 years young, he was still captaining the side in the FC Premiership last season. He will do so again this season coming although funds mean he will only have his old pal Vic Fernandes to keep him company along with a load of local boys as they are sure to be relegated. It’s been a remarkable rise to the top for one of BT’s greatest personalities.

*If the great man Syed Burki says himself that Zibi is the greatest ever then he must be.

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