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Goodbye My Friends… It’s Not The End (?)

14 April

On the eve of the end of a great era at King Whamo, the night before the sale of Darren Duck, 34, and Grady Hooper, 35, who have both been at the club since age 17, manager Paul Baker was seen (by his son) rocking on the edge of his bed, repeating the following lines over and over:

Hooper & Duck“Off to bed,
Full of dread,
Is selling Hooper,
A massive blooper?

We’re selling Duck,
Oh what the fuck,
But will they be back,
When we’re on the right track?

Will retirement be sealed,
With them back at Whamfield,
Or will they just roam,
And never come home.

Faced by these fears,
There’s bound to be tears,
No one bigger than the team,
So let’s go chase the dream!”

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