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Gipsies Reach The Promised Land

26 December

Incredible scenes are unfolding at the Bat to Nham Gardens where, fittingly, Alvin Zibi has taken the wicket that has sent the Gipsies in to the English First Class Premiership.

Alvin ZibiClub captain Zibi has been with the club since before FC cricket began and has been a key player in every level of the Gipsies’ rise through the Battrick tiers.

He will now get to realise his dream and lead the Gipsies out in the FC Premiership next season and thus become possibly the first player to play in all of the top 7 levels of the Battrick FC league system.

With the OD title already sewn up the Gipsies are not only celebrating a historic promotion to the FC Promised Land but also a season FC and OD double.

Celebrations are already underway, expect some sore heads in the final OD game tomorrow!

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