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Four-season unbeaten run ends, plus transfer activity…

04 August

The Gipsies’ incredible run of 33 competitive FC games unbeaten has sadly come to an end. ‘Los Invincibles’, as they became known, took us from the tier 6 relegation zone to lofty heights of tier 4 in a run that stretched across 4 seasons.

The run may have gone on if new signing Ian Saayman had joined in time for this match. However, terms couldn’t be agreed in time, though Saayman will now take up his position of no5 in the batting order next week.

The signing does however mean Shyamal Sapkal will move on later this week. 3 Young Player & 1 Player of the Season awards, breaking many wicket taking records for the club, and getting in to the top 5 of the all time wicket taking list by the age of just 23 mean Sapkal will forever remain in our hearts. We wish him the very best.

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