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Dinho lambasts batsmen

27 November

“10 ducks in one match, it’s a ducking disgrace!”

…were Gipsies manager Sambo Dinho’s first words to the press following the defeat to Flippers this week

“We wanted to get a result from this match. We knew it would be difficult against the top team but we felt we had a stronger batting line up than them which could cope with their 2 superior spinners. On another week perhaps we could have withstood the pressure from their attack but on a week where you get 10 ducks in one game you have no hope against a team of Flippers’ calibre.”
He went on to say, “The end of the season restructuring means we are no longer aiming for 4th spot. It is unknown what difference each position will make, we’ll aim to finish as high as we can and see where we start next year”

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