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Burki in pressure jibe.

26 July

On the eve of what is being touted as The Gipsies biggest game to date Captain Syed Burki has called upon his players to stand up and be counted.

“I know things are no longer in our hands. We need to rely on results elsewhere to give us a chance of getting a qualifier. I know also that we still have to play the top 2 whilst teams around us don’t. However I am not someone who will die wondering so I am calling on all of the boys to play for their lives.
“Tomorrow’s game versus Aussie All Stars has become the biggest match in this club’s history. If we win there may be a few more to become the biggest match in our history but i want them to keep coming and want us to rise to everything that’s thrown at us. If we keep doing our bit the pressure will really be on those above us.”

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