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BREAKING NEWS: Dinho spotted at old stomping ground

25 March

Rumours of a return from his self-imposed exile to full time management for ex-Gipsies manager Sambo Dinho have been strengthened this week by his siting at the Bat to Nham Gardens during the mid season BT20 campaign.

Suspicions had been rising of his return and over the past week he has been spotted donning his famous ‘lucky tracksuit’. The tracksuit may not have done much to improve the team’s fortunes as they lost 6 of the 7 matches but local supporters don’t seem to mind as they revel in the news of his return: ‘aye it would be jolly good to see the man who built this club back, my fingers are crossed to a tangle’.

If true, these reports would explain the sudden influx of new players to the club despite them being managerless for the best part of 2 seasons.

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