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  • Baker

    Manager of King Whamo and founder of King Havit

  • Dinho

    Manager of the Gipsies and founder of Wegi

Festival Legends

All Gloucester Gipsies King Whamo

  • wilberforce

    Jason Wilberforce

    The greatest all rounder in Whamos history, Kiwi Jason Wilberforce will forever be remembered in the corridors of Whamfield. Signed for a snip at just £106,123 back in January 2007 he quickly made his mark as a Whamo player. He performed a Desmond on debut with 2 runs and 2 wickets. Under an intensive training […]

  • gg

    George Grewcock

    George Grewcock has become an institution at Whamfield. Think King Whamo, you will think George Grewcock. He played in the clubs first ever match scoring a typically attcking 22 of 19 deliveries. They were the first of 31,218 competetive runs for Whamo in a career spanning 20 years. George amassed a staggering 117 centuries to […]

  • Mushtaq Abbey

    Mushtaq Abbey

    A cautious RH batsman and a cautious RF bowler. He had competent leadership skills and elite experience. He had no preference and no trait. Mushtaq Abbey left Whamfield as the 2nd highest run scorer in the clubs history. Abbey was signed as a 17 year old hopeful on 24/08/2007 for a then club record fee […]

  • Syed Burki bows out at WamGip Festival

    Syed Burki

    Syed Burki. Legend of legends. Keeper of keepers. Batsman of batsmen. Man of men. Many men. Many, many men. So many men! A Ronnie O Sullivan maximum of 147 to be precise. That’s how many men have played for the Gipsies during the time Burki has presided over the club. Captain fantastic Burki is not […]

  • Jason Job

    Jason Job

    A cautious RH batsman and a cautious RFM bowler. He had proficient leadership skills and elite experience. He had no preference and no trait. Job was signed to beef up the batting, in what was is the third highest transfer fee paid by Whamo. In each of his 3 full seasons with the club, he […]

  • Evans

    Kris Evans

    A cautious LH batsman and a cautious LFM bowler. He had woeful leadership skills and elite experience. He had no preference and no trait. Entered in to the Hall of Fame later than the other five founding members of the club on the request of the man himself for ‘personal reasons’, Kris Evans is no […]

About the King Gips Bowl

Originally known as the WhamGip Festival, the Bowl began in the off season between Battrick seasons 18 and 19, when Battrick introduced the ability to schedule matches in all formats. The original idea of the festival was that the Gloucester Gipsies and King Whamo would play each other in all 3 formats of the game over a week long festival period between seasons.

In the off season between seasons 21 and 22 the franchise teams of King Havit and Wecester Gipsies (Wegi) joined the festival playing their own games against one another and naming their side of the celebrations ‘HavWeg’.

In season 24 The WhamGip Mid-Season OD contest began.

In the 10th anniversary meeting the festival altered its format completely. By this time Havit and Wegi were at a standard to start competing with the big dogs and so Big Barry Hearn was invited along to revolutionise the running. Thus the four teams merged their two festivals in to one where they would all play off across all formats for one prize, the re-branded King Gips Bowl.


What they say

  • There’s no greater test of one’s abilities than the rigorous 5 days at WhamGip

    Alvin Zibi
  • I’m not sure I’ll be the leading Whamo run scorer in WhamGip for much longer. News is hot on my tail!

    Jason Wilberforce
  • I love getting one over on the old enemy

    Syed Burki
  • What a fitting way for me to bow out of my cricketing career. That festival will stay with me forever

    George Grewcock
  • I’m so proud to be the leading run scorer in WhamGip history

    Vic Fernandes